Big Scrabble Tiles

I've always liked things that seemed out of proportion or the wrong size. Little ketchup bottles, huge paper clips....and big Scrabble tiles. These aren't that difficult to make if you have a CNC router, which I guess doesn't cover most people. Nonetheless, these are pretty fun to batch out and make for a great way to display a name or word. 

The tiles are made of solid ash, usually 3/4" thick and about 6" x 6". I use the CNC router to route the letters and number values about 1/8" deep. After that I hand paint them with acrylic craft paint. You can spray paint them but with an open-pore wood like ash, there will be a ton of difficult clean up. After painting, I sand back any excess paint and make any necessary touch ups. The letters get a 1/8" radius round over and some danish oil for finish! 

Most recently I made 10" letters which were really cool to see (shown above with the LEGO corn cob guy for scale). I've also made large tile racks to hold the letters which is a cool way to display them if you have the space.