The Metro Map Frame

I originally bought this poster from a Kickstarter campaign. It's an amalgamation of over 200 metro maps from around the world. It's 40" x 30" and is super interesting to look at. I kept it in the poster tube for a while trying to figure out what type of frame would look best. Most frames are made using miter joints but I wanted to stray from that a bit. The final design consists of extended half lap joints and small accent dowels. The frame is made from quartersawn sapele and the dowels are walnut. 

The great part about these half lap joints is that they're self squaring which made gluing them up very simple. The dowels are mostly aesthetic though they do add a bit of unnecessary strength. Also, all of the edges have 45 degree chamfer to lighten the look of the frame. I had a local frame shop mount the poster to some foam board; they also sourced the high quality glass for the frame. The finish is 3 coats of wipe-on polyurethane. 

You can still buy this poster and similar ones here. I'm not affiliated with them but they sell cool stuff.