Wooden LEGO Shelf

Even as an adult I still enjoy building and designing LEGO buildings. These buildings are called “Mini Modulars” and need a place to be displayed. I drew up a design in AutoCAD using various sized bricks. The bricks were built at an 8:1 scale of regular LEGO bricks. This scale lets one brick hold one building. The bricks are made from 5 species of wood: maple, ash, walnut, cherry, and mahogany. The studs were cut out on the CNC router and glued on very carefully.

The design of the shelf has the buildings along the top layer and minifigures displayed throughout in some of the openings. The shelf is quite heavy because I didn’t hollow out any of the bricks. I used a few heavy duty hangers to get it up on the wall with no issue.

If you are interested in purchasing something like this or want to see the LDD files for my buildings, please let me know!