The LEGO Shadowbox

I have a slight obsession with collecting LEGO minifigures. I needed a way to display them but I wanted it to be more casual than having each minifig perfect and orderly on the wall. This shadowbox allows me to hold all of the minifigs in a more abstract way and also makes for a fun display piece. The box is made of quartersawn walnut and joined with box joints at the corners. The top piece isn't glued and only held by a friction fit. This allows me to take the top off when I need to play wi---I mean add more minifigures. 

Somehow this is my most popular Youtube video and has over 1.7 million views. There's more than 250 minifigures in the shadowbox!

Because everyone cares, here are my Top 10 favorite minifigures (in no particular order):